About Us

SAPP Mission Statement:

Salmon Arm Pride Project is a collaborative venture with the goal of including the whole community in furthering LGBTQ2S+ awareness, visibility and acceptance, using the arts as a binding force. As a community within a community, we commit to providing a safe environment to conduct our work ethically and cooperatively, with a focus on research, education, equity, social justice and safety.

SDAC Mission Statement:

Shuswap District Arts Council is the central coordinating body of the Shuswap arts community providing programming, advocacy, support and a place for the arts to be exhibited, experienced and enjoyed.

Every three years, the Shuswap District Arts Council sets a new focus with which to develop programs and address relevant issues, ie. youth, Indigenous engagement, climate change. Most recently the focus was placed on IDEAS: Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, Acceptance and Success. With both the Director/Curator’s specific interest in creating safe space for the LGBTQ2S+ community, and the Manager of Visitor Experience’s interest in cultural mapping and LGBTQ2S+ youth engagement, the Pride Project was born. A diverse committee was struck, including members of the Qmunity as well as representatives from community organizations, such as City of Salmon Arm, CHMA and School District 83. While initial plans were to present an arts festival with many live events, the pandemic caused the committee to instead shift the focus to education, training and business engagement. The 2020 Pride Project is a combination of live and virtual events designed to support LGBTQ2S+ artists and performers, educate the wider community about LGBTQ2S+ issues using visual arts, and creating safe and inclusive spaces within Salmon Arm. 


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