Cultural Mapping


Have you ever tried using art to create a map of intangible things like experiences, thoughts and feelings? As part of the Pride Project we're creating cultural maps, working with members of the local LGBTQ2S+ community and asking the research question

“When moving throughout downtown Salmon Arm, where do you feel the most comfortable? Where do you feel the most uncomfortable?"




The Cultural Mapping process allows us to learn from experts with lived experience in our community, using art as a way to respond, creating meaningful data and artworks that inform change. Each artist is given the opportunity to exhibit their maps in the PRIDE! exhibition at the Salmon Arm Art Gallery.

Cultural Mapping happens in safe, physically distanced groups of 4-6 participants at the Salmon Arm Arts Centre. Sessions are 2-4 hours and are guided by trained members of the Pride Project Cultural Mapping team, carried out in collaboration with and under the guidance of the Research and Graduate Studies office at Thompson Rivers University


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